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Two Shadows Went 4

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

The day before felt like a dream. But Lance knew it was real. In the still early hours of the morning, Lance remembered Shiro moving away from him in bed. Lance had clung to him, murmuring nonsense about staying, But Shiro had still left, reassuring Lance he wouldn’t be gone forever.

When Lance himself finally got out of bed, the first place he’d gone was to get a status update on his father—

He hadn’t expected to find himself left back in the hall without a word on his father’s condition.

“Prince Lance?”

“What?” Lance said a bit more grumpily than he had intended. When he turned to the source of the voice he quickly straightened and changed his tune. “Paladin Yarl—Uh it’s a—I apologize—“

The very thin elderly man that was the Green Paladin Yarl held up his hand to stop Lance.”

“It’s understandable.” Yarl glanced at the great grandiose doors leading to the King]s Quarters. “I was told they’re not letting anyone in.” He glanced back at Lance. “I wasn’t aware that pertained even to his son.”

Lance was never sure how to act around Yarl. Like Shiro, the man was just too god damned sincere.

Raising his hand, Lance, Still stammered on. “Right, but I still feel I should apologize, I should have greeted you more warmly.”

Yarl was always quick to smile as well as a grin spread on his face. “Don’t worry about it.” He made a swiping motion with his hand. The grin faded though in a few seconds as Yarl cast his dark eyes at Lance. “I actually came to find you.”

Lance frowned.

There wasn’t much Lance had ever had in common with Yarl. He was an old Paladin, one of Lance’s father's generation. Iso the red paladin had replaced, Roric Alfor’s Red Paladin three years before the death of Ganon, the blue Paladin. That had started the slow turning over of the Paladins of Voltron, then Yellow had picked Hunk and just a little while ago—Shiro had been picked as Black.

Lance frowned deeper as he realized, Yarl was the last of the old generation of Paladins.

“Yes?” Lance asked as he looked over Yarl.

He looked it. Wrinkled face and deep dark marks under his eyes, Yarl looked old.

“Do you mind if we speak in the council rooms?”

Lance pursed his lips but shook his head. “Of course not. “

Yarl gave another smile before gesturing for Lance to lead the way.

The Paladin Council rooms were a part of the palace with restricted access to only the Paladins of Voltron and the high council members, as far as Lance knew even Allura wasn't allowed there. It was probably the only place in the entire Palace Lance had been, but his elder sister hadn’t.

They were nothing special on their own even really. It was more like going to a temple of the Lion Goddess than anything else. Everything was smooth lines and white walls. Unlike the rest of the palace, there was no rich gold adornments or crystalline sparkling stain glass windows.

Lance had learned that at one time it was where the Paladins had lived as well. That’s when the service was more of a monks calling then what it had become now.

Once entering the grand council hall, Lance let Yarl lead the way.

He was so—slight Lance thought, possibly even skinnier then himself, and that would be an accomplishment.

“I’ve been told your mate hasn’t spent much time in these halls.”

Lance looked around before resting his gaze on Yarl. “Neither have I really, if I’m honest.”

There wasn’t much reason too after all. The rooms were used for meetings of the Paladins of Voltron, but prosperous times—there hadn’t been a need.

Yarl chuckled. “The two of you don’t seem like much of the religious type.”

Lance shook his head. He wasn’t sure about Shiro, but judging from his clear distaste for Acolytes Lance would say it was a fair assessment to say that Shiro wasn’t exactly fond of religion.

Yarl just still smiled at Lance as his eyes looked round him.

Lance wondered what it was he was seeing that Lance didn’t—white walls, simple white chairs around another impossibly simple white curved, half circle table.

“Our new Leader—“ Yarl started. He tipped his head to Lance. “He has a lot of potential I think.”

Lance nodded.

“But—“ Yarl stopped his brow creased. “I’m very glad he’s picked you as a mate.”

Lance wanted to snort but he didn’t. They didn’t in anyway pick each other. But if Yarl was trying to be kind with his words, Lance wasn’t going to step in to correct him.

“I think he’s going to need the sway of a kind—of such a characteristic Blue!” Yarl chuckled.

He’d always been told, he was the poster child for a Blue, so Lance just smiled at the words.


But he was—growing anxious.

“Yes, Your Highness?”

Lance breathed out slow before he asked. “Why are we here?”

Yarl just continued to stare at him for a long moment before he gave another smile.

“I’m getting old, Your Highness.”

Giving a slow nod, Lance had no idea what Yarl was chipping away at.

“And with in the week, I will be announcing my retirement from the Paladins.”

The statement was like a cold breeze on Lance’s face. He just—

“What?” Lance asked.

Yarl was old, but he wasn’t—he wasn’t like Lance’s father. He was still sharp as a tack and though he tired faster then the rest of them during training he could still pin a gladiator sentry to the ground with that long spear of his in under four-seconds. All with that sparkling grin.

Yarl just still smiled. “It’s time. This isn’t my team anymore.”

“Is this?” Lance struggled. “Is this because of Shiro?”

“No, my boy! Of course not!” Yarl jumped to, then reconsidered. “Though at the same time if I’m honest—yes.”

Lance frowned. He wasn’t sure how to… Shiro was so much to him.

“But not how you think, Your Highness.” Yarl hastily replied. “The Black Paladin—“ Yarl's old old eyes looked over Lance. “Your Highness, a storm is coming—you know that right?”

Lance looked up at that. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say even if he could manage it.

Because the answer was—yes.

Lance knew someth