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Growing up on Anime classics like Gundam Wing and Yu Yu Hakusho, Pitchgold translates their love of highly detailed and deliberate compositions to making fan art with a unique and beautifully different outlook on both current and classic Asain Animation and media.  

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Stickers | Bookmarks | Tokens

Made by Human Hands. 

Striving to keep as much of the products process in-house, and done by Pitchgold themselves, over the last year Pitchgold has developed a run of things like metal bookmarks, Token Cards for playing games like YuGiOh and Magic. 

More products such as Charms and Tote Bags on the way! 

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Personal Work & Story Development

Original Illustration

In their free time, Pitchgold has their own personal projects and illustrations constantly in the works. Artwork, an illustrated novel, as well as comics, Pitchgold has a passionate need to tell stories and keep expressing themselves. 

Bone Deep & Wolves Among Cotton

Bone Deep is a southern gothic ghost story. The lonely main character, Kirin LeMont, brings home a stray dog one night only to discover - his new pup is instead a werewolf. 

Wolves Among Cotton is the prequel comic focusing on Anson T. Sawyer, and follows him from the moment his father abandoned him to work on a stranger's homestead and continues till the lightening bolt moment he's cursed to wear the mark of the wolf. 

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