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Two Shadows Went, Chapter 20

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Lance stirred awake when he realized the pillow under him was wet—Lance moved stiffly as he tried to—his hand wiped across his face. The crusty horrible feeling of dried and cried out skin was tell tale sign enough.

That was when he felt Shiro surrounding him again.

Any other morning—and Lance would have mewed and welcomed the warmth. But he buried his face, shrinking back away from the Alpha.

“Shhhhh baby,” Shiro’s voice was so soft at his ear.

Lance hiccuped out a cry as the tears came thicker. His hands caged around his face as he hiccuped again and tried hiding in the sheets. They were black. Everything in the room was black. It was a room that had been filled with light and laughter and his father—and now it was all black.

“It’s okay.” Shiro still cooed to him, his breath was hot over Lance’s bare shoulders.

He was all bare… Lance lifted his head. He hadn’t—they’d been so angry with each other, Shiro hadn’t spoken to him past the few commands he’d given Lance. And Lance—he’d been too proud to ask for any cloths.

The robe he had worn was just barely still on, caught only at his wrists.

It allowed Shiro to smoothly run his hands up Lance’s skin, gliding up his spine.

“I won’t allow anyone to hurt you.”