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Two Shadows Went, Chapter 13

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

There was no time for council meetings or war talks now as Lance strapped into Blue. Shiro was back into his pitch black armor again, having previously told Lance his Paladin Uniform was still up with Black.

At his right, Pidge was doing the same as the Green Lion stepped up next to the Blue.

Lance tapped his helmet comms communication on as he glanced back. Shiro settled into the only other available chair and had strapped himself in as well, giving a nod to Lance as the last belt clicked in.

"Blue lion ready to launch."

"Affirmative." came Pidge's voice from the other end. "Green lion is ready to go as well."

"Pidge, you head straight to Hunk's forces." Shiro was commanding through his own comms system at his ear. "Lance —“ His voice was quieter as he spoke to Lance in more of a purr.

Lance wished he could see him, but he refused to look back at him.

"Don't try to be stealthy, just get me up to the Black fleet as fast as you can." Shiro went on. "It's a straight shot from here, I've already had the location downloaded."

Lance tapped away at his locations system bringing it up. "I've got it." He said as he plotted the course. "We'll be there within the hour."

"Launching now," Pidge's voice came through again.

"Launching now," Lance parroted as finally all of his own systems blinked online.

The two lions burst forward running at top speed down the hangars as they headed for the blinding light outside.

Lance pushed his controls harder, picking up the momentum needed—

They shot out of the hangars, soaring up through Altea’s atmosphere like rockets, Blue and Green ripping across the sky as they headed straight up.

Lance could feel his skin buzzing.

It had been a long time since he'd gone to space.


Leveling off, Lance nearly jumped as Shiro leaned in next to him, not even knowing when he'd unbuckled and left his seat.

"It'll be a short trip, The Black Guard fleet isn't far out." Shiro said.

Lance nodded, still recovering from Shiro leaning in so close to him and the control panels before him.

He peeked at Shiro in his black armor as he commented though. "I thought you didn't want me up here."

The question clearly didn't surprise the Black Paladin, but he still seemed to consider before he tipped his head at Lance.

"I didn't say that."

"You told me I was foolish for volunteering to come up here..." Lance pressed hesitantly.

Shiro's face showed little emotion.

"What's changed?" Lance asked.

Nothing — was the obvious answer. From the first time to now — nothing had changed.

"I need to get back up there." Shiro tried.

Lance side-eyed him. "The Green lion is small, she's not that small though."

Shiro didn't seem phased as he looked ahead at the approaching massive ships before them.

"My father will find I'm gone more than likely within the hour as well." Lance's voice took on a bit more reverent tone. "He won't be happy."

Shiro considered for a moment longer. "You wanted to be up here. That's what you told me the last time I saw you."

Lance couldn't disagree. He looked down at the console. His mind raced to figure out -- what would Shiro gain by him being in space with him?

"Do you really need Voltron that badly?" Lance suggested.

For the first time, Shiro looked over at Lance, his brow raising as his head tipped to look at him. "I like your company. I think that's enough to bring you along."

Lance shrugged. "You told me It wasn't safe for me." With a shake of his head, Lance shifted his gaze to fully look at Shiro as well. "The situation hasn't changed — in fact it's the opposite now. There's been another attack, I will be less safe —"

"Away from me?" Shiro cut in. His tone made it clear he was not in agreement with Lance.

Lance nearly narrowed his eyes. It all — was too strange.

"Did you come to retrieve me?" Lance asked softly.

Shiro looked down. Marginally, but enough Lance picked up the aversion.

"I don't prefer your pity." Lance spoke again, "I would have rather stayed in that bed, if this was out of pity, out of you feeling bad."

Shiro voice was so — quiet when he spoke again. "You always assume the worst of me."

The sound of Lance swallowing was loud in his own ears. "I didn't this morning. I considered you sincere this morning."

"Then what changed?" Shiro questioned.

Lance gave the slightest slump of his shoulders. "You came back for me — I appreciate that, but letting me return with you is different. Nothing has changed for you."

"I'm worried about you." Shiro said as his eyes flicked up.

"Are you sure?" Lance's voice cracked. "Because sometimes I'm afraid you're using me."

Shiro nearly growled at him as his teeth bore and he barked back. "I'd never — I just promised you, that would never happen from me.”

"You have." Lance knew his voice trembled. "I want to think you haven't, but you have. I've been a force you've manipulated against Iso as well as my sister now several times."

"That's not how this has happened." Shiro hissed.

"Then how have I misconstrued everything?” Lance shook his head.

Shiro straightened. "I don't think of you like your sister does."

Lance glanced up at him, through his paladins helmet at someone he was so unsure of. "Why did you let me go to the temple with you?"

Shiro's eyes shifted for just a second. "I needed in."