Two Shadows Went, Chapter 12

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

In his daze, he almost missed it. He distantly could remembered Pidge telling him to bath and helping him crawl back into bed, making him comfortable in the nest of fresh new pillows and blankets and most importantly the deep black cloak Lance tugged around himself, biting the horrid pressure and pain back just enough he could manage to sleep again.

A warm hand at his waist, trailing up was what brought Lance out of his doze.

He breathed in all at once as he turned, his body jerking towards the contact.

"Lovely," Shiro sat at the edge of the bed, reaching out to Lance. He was still in a black flight suit. His gaze softened over Lance.

Eyes wide, Lance shot forward on the bed, and wrapped his arms around Shiro.

Moving into the embrace, Shiro squeezed Lance to him, pulling him from the covers and across him.

Lance finally sighed and his senses were filled with the spicy scent of his Alpha.

When Shiro finally released Lance, and let him lay back against the piled up pillows, his hands still ran over Lance's skin, adoringly. "It wasn't possible for me to return sooner, " Shiro said in his usual tone. "I'm so sorry, you’ve — you’ve had to suffer."

Lance shook his head. His skin felt hot but as Shiro's hands ran over him — it was like he was smoothing away the persistent fatigue, the clenching pain in his abdomen receding.

"You didn't," Lance looked up. "I didn't make you — I didn't pull you away from something I shouldn't have?" Lance checked.

Shiro's eyes widened just a fraction before he shook his head, "No!" He jumped to explain. "Absolutely not! I—“ He stopped. His jaw jumped as he looked down at the covers. "Pidge secured a private line with me, and told me what had happened." He shook his head. "This is horrible timing for you to go through with this."

Leaning back more into the pillows, Lance lifted his hand to pet across his partner’s hair. "She'd told me you'd talked to her."

Shiro's hand brushed over the cloak. "I'm glad you remembered where to find it."

Lance smiled. "You looked nearly otherworldly in this, it was the first time I'd really seen you beyond in passing. It made quite an impression on me."

Shiro tipped his head at him, looking at him sidelong. "I wanted to be here sooner."

Blinking, Lance tried not to let his own desires cloud his judgement. "You're the Black Paladin first. I understand that."

Shiro pushed up a bit more on the bed, sitting more firmly as he reached down, to remove his boots. He wore an expression, Lance couldn't quite parcel out.

Narrowing his gaze, Lance tried to consider. "Shiro — You told me you didn't leave from anything critical."

"I didn't lie," Shiro said in a seemingly forced neutral tone.

Lance still considered. “Than — the fleet has returned. My sister? Hunk? They're all back?"

Shiro shook his head. "No."

This time, Lance couldn't help his own sly smile. "Then how in the world — ?”

With his boots and socks off, Shiro was already crawling up on the bed, he'd managed a majority of the armor as well, letting each black parcel fall to the floor. He reached for Lance, kissing at his lips fervently.

It wasn't till Lance raised his hand, his palm touching Shiro's chest that Shiro backed up enough to look at him.

"Shiro," Lance pressed, his brow raising.

Shiro took a breath. "I'm... as far as the records state, still in space."

He said it so levelly, so calm, Lance nearly didn't catch all the implications.

"What?" Lance blinked rapidly.

"The Black Paladin is still with in Altea's outer orbit." Shiro stated as if it was fact. "The Black Lion is there, as well as my fleet."

Lance narrowed his gaze, “You — didn't?"

Shiro breathed out carefully. "One star-cruiser jettisoning back to the capital hangers — wasn't really all that noteworthy. There’s been several going back and forth to relay information and things anyway."

He was smiling but at the same time, Lance shook his head. "You should have stayed in space." He was already huffing out his first laugh. "I'm going to survive I'm sure, Shiro." He was already smiling though at Shiro. "I'm fine."

Shiro was already crawling over him, a smile did slightly tick up on his features. "You're not." He breathed, his face inching closer to Lance's. "You're in heat sickness, and I can help." Shiro's smile dropped as his hand brushed at Lance's cheek. "You're burning up. It's has to be getting bad."

Lance let his head rest back on the pillows. "Why is this happening?" He groaned. "I've alway — my heats are easy. I've never had this and the scent – Keith had all the Alpha Guards removed from around me. It's never been like this!" Lance frowned unhappily.

There was a breath before Shiro spoke. "It's — it's the bond." His jaw tightened. "We didn't bond naturally. This was going to happen no matter what we did." Shiro sat back a bit, his eyes weighing heavier on Lance.”I just expected to be here when it did happen, I expected I’d be able to help you and it’d never get this bad.”

Not knowing what else to do, Lance ran his hand over his Alpha's arm, sliding his fingers up over the Galran hand, tracing up to the dark shirt Shiro was wearing.

"How--" Lance frowned. "How do I feel better?" He knew his voice was quiet. But his eyes still slid up to look at Shiro — he was aiming for hopeful, but he knew his gaze flickered with fear.

Shiro was already shaking his head. "It won't ever be like that first time again." He breathed out a growl. "I promised you, I'd never do that to you again."

Lance — with an nod of his head, tried to trust.

"I just have to —“ Shiro leaned in, his hand adjusting and fingers sliding under Lance's neck pulling him up from the pillows.

"I — will never hurt you again," Shiro's voice was so low it vibrated through Lance as he spoke against his throat, his lips carefully trailing upwards.

Lance gave a whimper, his hands coming up though, shaking as he tried to steady himself against Shiro.

"I just need to make you remember," Shiro spoke again, "make the mark remember — that you're safe--"

Lance jolted as Shiro's hot breath was over his mark. He gasped and his fingers clutching at Shiro.

"And mine,"

Shiro drooped his mouth over the mark, hitting it in an open mouthed kiss, and Lance — melted as his eyes rolled back and he — let himself fall.


The more Shiro's hands smoothed across Lance's skin the more the fuzz receded from Lance's world. By the time he was pressed up against Shiro he could finally let out a long breath in relief. Blinking several times, so much was finally catching up to him. He’d spent days in that bed, and no telling how long he’d been there even very day. The birds were chirping outside and light filtered in from the curtains at the side of their bed, so it wasn’t exactly early.

"You've been so good waiting for me," Shiro's deep voice nearly vibrated through Lance.

Lance cracked a smile. "I didn't have much of a choice."

It was so pleasantly warm finally. Finally Lance wasn't shivering in a cold sweat. He wasn't clawing at the lingering scent from the cloak around him. Shiro was there and as he propped himself up over Lance he filled his senses.

Shiro was inspecting him it seemed and with a wince of his own, his hand came up to turn Lance's chin first one way, then the other.

Lance gasped at the movement. It was sore on his swollen glands.

"Oohhh," Shiro made a sound, making it clear he knew it hurt. "Those look so sore."

Looking up at him, Lance wasn't sure what else to do but give a tiny nod. They hurt so bad for so long.

"Don't worry," Shiro murmured kissing at Lance's jaw. "We'll get them to go down, you'll be alright."

Lance shuddered at the contact, even so small, his hands at Shiro's arms tightened. He very much wanted that to be true.

"Turn over?" Shiro asked gently at Lance's ear.

Lance gave a nod and twisted around.

Gently Shiro pulled the cloak out from around Lance, setting it at the footstool at the end of the bed.

"Good boy." Shiro commented as he dipped in to kiss Lance's peaking shoulder.

A broad hand was already smoothing up Lance's side and up over—

Lance closed his eyes as he felt Shiro splaying his hand over the base of Lance’s spine, almost instantly, his hips were snapping back though this time. Shiro was already crawling over him. His hot breath was tickling at Lance"s bare shoulders. He pressed in more as Lance keened into the touch.

The metallic thummm of Shiros hand striking out to the headboard brought Lance’s head up. It was nearly a hollow sound. His eyes leveled on the headboard as Shiro pressed his weight in over Lance.

It felt — good, the weight felt amazing actually.

Lance looked back. Still in that flight suit, it couldn’t hide much as Shiro leaned in to Lance.

Biting his lip, and pulling a pillow to prop up on underneath him, Lance was more than pleased to have his Alpha blanket over him.

As Shiro, curled his head in to nuzzle at his neck, that deep booming sound was already shuddering out of him. Lance closed his eyes at it. It had been nearly terrifying before, but this time — it sang through him so delightfully.

"You’re eager," Shiro’s voice was rough and harsh at Lance’s throat.

His hand was sliding down through the slick already running down Lance’s thighs.

Smiling, Lance didn’t open his eyes as he raised an eyebrow. "I’m eager?" He let a small laugh echo from his lips.

He could feel Shiro tighten over him, there was push of his groin forward in against Lance’s ass again.

"So speaks the man that flew hundreds of miles back from space to get to me." Lance purred. It was a sound he didn’t know he could make but it sounded so pleasant.

Shiro’s hand slid through the slick again only this time with intent as he pressed a few more kissed marks into Lance’s throat. When his fingers parted through Lance’s ass and slid up and in—

Lance’s breath hitched and his back arched up into the feeling. He managed as his hips jutted back to sink Shiro’s fingers in a few inches deeper. The wet sound of it so amazing as the feeling of finally being full shot like lightening through Lance’s veins.

Maybe eager was the right word, because Lance didn’t know how to hold still. His toes curled an he pushed up onto his elbows, leaning back to start prying at what ever was left of Shiro’s armor.

That seemed to startle the man over him, and he froze, eyes on Lance.

He’d been clothed before, Lance remembered. Shiro had always been clothed when they were intimate before.

So with a level gaze, Lance pried first one clip, then another free at Shiro’s throat.

Stormy eyes watched him carefully as Lance did his best to crane back and with one arm used to support him and the other curled back, his long fingers worked at each clasp.

Was he still poking at a storm?

Lance wasn’t sure.

The fingers inside of him, though Shiro’s gaze on him didn’t move, curled. Grey eyes narrowed before they slid back out and in again. The action had Lance keening, his hand fisted in Shiro’s shirt as he tried to keep on task.

Crashing into Lance then, the deep chuffed Alpha call was nearly earth quaking as Shiro wrapped his metal hand around Lance’s neck and pressed whole bodily into Lance, slamming them into a kiss.

Yanking his fingers from Lance, with a shivering yelp from the prince, Shiro was yanking his shirt off, clawing at getting the tight fitted uniform over his head.

Lance’s smile widened as he scrambled to turn over, and his fingers met smooth skin for once as he reached up. Shiro was already leaning back over him, naked shoulders hunched over him. His metal hand still yanked at the closure of his pants till Lance was helping too, pushing them away from Shiro’s hips.

"Told ya," Lance gasped and giggled devilishly.

Finally, Shiro parted long enough to pull the last shreds of clothing off.

“I'm not the only eager one," Lance still smiled, his fingers going to Shiro’s face.

Shiro was already falling back to him, his own smile evident as, this time naked, he crawled back over the bed to join Lance. He kissed slower at Lance’s lips than before.

“I've been very patient, I think," Shiro’s voice was deep and gravelly.

"You’re never patient," Lance huffed out a laugh.

Pushing his thighs to part, Shiro was seated on the bed as his hands ran over Lance’s legs.

"I disagree," Shiro hummed. "I waited for you to come to me."

Lance giggled, leaning back on his elbows.

"And patience—" Shiro was leaning in again, his hands gripping Lance’s thighs tightly. “yields focus."

He yanked Lance to him, and with a groan they both felt as Shiro thrust up against Lance’s slick ass.

Lance’s eyes nearly rolled back into his head. That was good. That was very, very good.

His fingers scrambled forward and he pushed up on the bed, he felt like he was sticky again. Like every pore he had was oozing again, but it was different this time. It wasn’t nearly as stifling. Shiro’s heat on him was welcome and Lance arched and bucked into his hot touch.

As Lance’s fingertips brushed down Shiro's torso, he felt that stormy gaze on him again. This time there was no warning as Shiro was pulling Lance forward, gathering him up as for the first time, he slid his mouth over the swollen bond mark.

Lance bit his lip, it was painful—and yet he wanted it. His fingers slid down the slide of Shiro’s abdomen to finally reach between both of their legs.

His face turned in, Lance wanted to experience every bit of Shiro first hand as he nuzzled into Shiro’s neck, and his fingers grasped the swollen cock that seemed to swell even more at his touch and he lifted his hips just as he pushed the tip to his entrance—and Lance’s eyes did roll back this time and his mouth opened in a wordless cry.

So good, sooo soooooo soooo good. Lance felt like he was a mess before he even got a few inches pushed in. It was so snug—oh god, Shiro fit so perfectly.

The hot hand cupping of Lance’s own swollen cock had him yelping out a cry as his head dropped forward to Shiro’s shoulder.

It was hot and messy and Lance loved it.

Shiro lapsed at the bond mark, giving his own deep groan though—it was restrained. It sent little pings through Lance. Once he was confident the connection would hold—Shiro thrust in before Lance could even had his hands skittering back up.

Lance gave his own groan then and Shiro's hand around his slick cock squeezed. He was holding so suffocatingly tight, and Lance mewled, wrapping his arms around Shiro's neck.

They thrust together next and again and again.

The pants across his neck and shoulders felt so close, Lance let his eyes flick closed as his hips moved and he felt like the rock together consumed his whole world. He kissed at the side of Shiro's face, he pawed at his hair. He was getting sweaty too, and Lance’s long fingers started to slip on his skin.

It was so nice though. Lance loved every second. He adored ever messy kiss and every squeeze of his erection as Shiro thrust in harder.

When Lance convulsed and shivered through a contraction it felt natural for the first time and with more powerful hard thrusts into him, Lance nearly keened.

It couldn't be over, he loved the feeling too much. The slick slide into him, filling him was too perfect. Shiro's hair was sweaty as Lance grasped at the back of his head. They were both panting and desperate, trying to hold on to one another as they hurled closer to completion.

Thats when Lance felt it, the catch and the — Shiro face warped as he crashed his mouth over Lance and they—sealed.


They were a mess. Lance lazily lay across the bed, his head back on a pillow Shiro had placed there, as he looked up at the black starry fabric of the canopy overhead.

His limbs had just been thrown out around him.

He felt over sensitive as Shiro leaned down. From where he was seated — still held captive between Lance’s thighs — though he doubted Shiro would complain about it. When his mouth touched down on Lance’s chest, a jolt shot through him.

Shiro must have noticed, because he craned his head up as Lance looked down.

Lance wiggled his hips. He was very much still stuck — left with no choice but to hang off of Shiro’s knot.

Shiro smiled devilishly, and squeezed his hand again, his fingers still clutching tight onto Lance’s ripe erection.

Lances body arched and he curled.

"Cruel," Lance grit out as he fell back to the bed.

The curiosity shone in Shiro’s eyes like he was a cat tipping his head to a mouse before he lazily let his hand stroke at Lance’s still very hard dick.

Lance’s mouth fell open and his back arched. "So, so cruel." He managed.

Shiro was already chuckling. "Not true," he said.

Lance shook his head. "It is," Lance nearly wanted to laugh, but oddly felt like that would be calling forfeit in their little game. "You always draw it out with me."

"I wouldn’t term that as cruel." Shiro kissed again over Lance’s chest, working his was down as his shoulders hunched.

Lance blinked and tried to test his hips again. If he could move again, maybe he could fuck himself till he came.

But Shiro’s hand was already squeezing again, and this time it was intentional as he pinched at the base and Lance was left to hopelessly squirm in the bed.

"I like to draw it out in you," Shiro raised his head.

“I've noticed." Lance huffed. “It's cruel."

Shiro’s smile was nearly that of a cheshire cat. "My darling, you haven’t seen me cruel yet."

Looking down at him, Lance huffed again—

And as Shiro started to move, and shift, Lance scrambled to push up and loop his arms around Shiro’s neck.

The connection wasn’t broken as Shiro gathered Lance up into his arms and stood from the bed. He looked — cocky. Lance scrunched his nose at his mate.

“Let's go get cleaned up," Shiro’s eyes were on nothing but Lance as he pushed off towards the bathroom.

With a lazy, flop of his arms over Shiro’s shoulders, Lance conceded. He was pretty sure Shiro just wanted get him sticky again but there wasn’t much Lance could do about it. At that point he’d probably do what ever Shiro asked as long as he didn't have to go through the sickness again.

Lost in thought and those narrow stormy eyes, Lance was surprised when water splashed over his back.

Shiro was nothing more than smiles and chuckles as Lance leaned away from the shower spray and closer into the partner holding him up. He kissed at Lance’s cheek and then farther down to his neck and then over the mark again.

"You’re also greedy," Lance pointed out, though he was already giving his own sly smile.

Shiro hummed. "I will let you have that one. I am very greedy. I want it all, and I don’t wish to compromise in order to get it."

Taking another step into the shower spray, Lance hummed as the water warmed over his skin. His body sagged over his mate, letting himself rest over his shoulders.

"Let me show you mercy?" Shiro’s voice was quiet for once as he spoke close to Lance, his hand shifting where it held at Lance’s thigh.

Turning to look at him again, Lance realized he wasn’t smiling as he asked. "That doesn’t seem like you."

Shiro still had the easy smile though as he snuck a kiss from Lance’s prone lips again. It was quick before his half lidded eyes, still settled on Lance and trailed over his face. "I want to."

Lance gave his own unsure smile for a short second. "I won’t say no."

"Would you say no to my mercy ever?" Shiro cocked his head. "Even if i told you it came at a price."

Lance blinked. The conversation was turning again. And it seemed — he wasn’t sure Shiro had ever spoken like that with him before. A lot was different this time. He was so full of smiles as he looked at Lance, his eyes were narrow out of relaxation instead of his normal critical gaze.

"Shiro," the name slipped through Lance’s lips before he could help it.

The smile wasn’t fading, but his gaze on Lance only seemed to pin him down. "Just say you want it, and ill never hold it back from you."

"You’ve never been cruel to me," Lance said suddenly. "Not really."

Shiro’s smile broke and it was nearly—it was nearly sad. "You’ve never given me a reason."

"Than why offer me mercy now?" Lance bit back, his own mirth seemed lost in the storm he could see brewing in bottomless grey eyes.

Shiro seemed like — the way he moved his head, there was something he wanted to say, but he wasn’t saying it.

Lance wanted to hear it, so he stayed quiet even as Shiro swallowed and his mouth fell open again, but no words came.

"This is when I can offer it." Shiro’s voice was quiet. "Right now." He swallowed again. "It will be too late within —" his voice caught. “Ive — I have to ask for it now so I can move forward, I can decide what to do."

Blinking Lance gave a slow nod. What did that — what did that mean?

This was different. What they’d just did was different. It was all crashing over Lance as he watched Shiro.

Suddenly then — Lance gasped as his body spasmed, and he felt it, Shiro would slip from him, his knot had deflated enough.

Lance grasped forward as he gasped at the feeling again.

"Tell me," Shiro said, still holding Lance up, fingers fiercely holding at his legs still.

Pressed forehead to forehead, Lance gave another slow nod. "I want it." He whispered.

Shiro was breaking into a smile then again, and their lips crashed as he set Lance on his feet, his cock slipping entirely from him, before Shiro had Lance stepping back.

The stone walls of the shower had a ledge, ringing the room at about waist level and Shiro had Lance hefted back up, to set him to sit just against it.

Lance had to move his hands down to balance as Shiro's hold on him slacked.

"You do terrible things to me," Shiro was chuckling again as he pressed in another kiss to lances lips.

"Good," Lance huffed. "I was nearly starting to think I had no affect at all."

The laugh he received was a deep rumble.

Lance nearly found it hard to breath as Shiro shifted down again and this time settled on his knees.

He ran a hand down his thighs. "My love," Shiro pushed Lance’s thigh up to meet his mouth, and pressed in a sloppy kiss. "You’ve nearly broken an empire."

Lance cracked his own smile finally again. "Is that your way of telling me I’ve distracted you?"

The way Shiro’s eyes shifted as he looked at Lance set lightening through Lance’s veins. "You’ve no idea."

Setting Lance’s thigh over his shoulder, Shiro brought both of their attention back to the center of Lance.

His cock was still a cherry red, the finely shaped tip jutting out towards his stomach.

A couple more kisses leading up Lance’s legs were pressed in, before Shiro was at the junction and Lance could barely breath. Shiro know what he was doing as he huffed out another breath, this time right over Lance’s very sensitive member. His teeth dug into his bottom lip as Lance’s hand managed, trembling to pet forward to Shiro's hair.

This was really happening. Lance wasn't sure how or why but this was really—

"Nuhhhh,” Lance had a hard time holding still, and keeping his balance as Shiro pressed in a soft kiss to the tip. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god,"

"Careful there, pet," Shiro cocked the side of his smile. ”I might like it a bit too much when you call me that."

Lance slapped his hand over his mouth. His fingers clenched at the feel of each word on his dick. It as so good. Lance couldn’t even imagine—

As Shiro’s mouth opened this time over his dick—Lance nearly sagged and oozed out over the shower floor.

Shiro kissed again to the head. "Good boy." He chirped. "You’re being so good for me." His hands smoothed down Lance’s legs again. ‘You’ve been so good for me ever since I got here,"

And the way his eyes flicked up — Lance doubted he was talking about just that night.

"You’ve been perfect for me." Shiro said then.

It was right before he tipped one finger up over Lance’s cock and slid it down from the head, and just at the base — he used it to pull Lance’s cock away from his abdomen and Shiro sunk his mouth over it.

Both of Lance’s hands shot to the stone edge as he tried to keep his hips from bucking up into that—oh god, it felt amazing, Shiro’s mouth was warm and wet and perfect and his tongue moved over — the— the — oh god he pressed his tongue in over the slit — Lance’s mouth dropped open as he tried to stay some semblance of together.

"Yes," Lance gasped and his body snapped forward.

Shiro bobbed his head before pulling off. He shifted up just long enough to dive one hand into Lance’s hair and press a kiss up into his waiting lips.

"You’re close?" Shiro’s voice was back to that thick, gravelly tone.

Lance couldn’t do anything but look at Shiro pleadingly, a weak nod as his fingers grasped at Shiro’s hair. He was so close. He’d been close as Shiro had fucked him. He’d been close after and he was on the fucking god damn edge now!

Shiro looked nearly giddy as he pressed in another kiss before taking Lance completely back into his mouth, sinking down to the root before pulling off again.

It was Lance this time that insistently tugged at Shiro’s face, bringing him in for another sloppy open mouthed kiss.