Two Shadows Went, Chapter 9

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Once the sun has started to set, the servants brought out lanterns. It was a warm night and the lanterns gleamed through stained crystaline glass.

In the distance, Lance could see the glitter of lanterns lighting the gardens as well, lining the walkways and glittered through the tents.

The grand dinner was well underway, more guests, those not invited to the days festivities started to line in, a servant announcing a nobleman or duchesses arrival every now and then. They came in long dresses and gleaming jewelry. Lance looked around himself in a sense of detachment. He’d always dressed for these sort of occasions before, he’d always been eager to wear sparkling circlets and shimmering fabrics.

Yet—Lance wondered what in the past couple of months had changed. Now it all—it looked so silly, so worthless.

It was then Shiro finally returned to him, his hand sliding over Lance’s shoulder as he approached from behind. Lance didn’t look away from the steady stream of people all coming. He clasped at Shiro’s hand though, eager to feel his mate’s warm flesh hand.

“Your highness,” Shiro bent close to his ear.

Lance smiled first, blinking in a way he knew was long and slow and fluttered his lashes as he tipped his head up to see Shiro.

Shiro was smiling at him as well, gently, and perfectly. “I think I’d like to take you on that walk,” Shiro’s gaze fleeted towards the gardens before looking back to Lance.

It sounded like the best idea Lance had ever heard. With a gentle nod and a smile, Lance gazed over his shoulder to Shiro.

The smile his mate gave him had Lance near swooning.

Then easily Shiro slid his hand before him, offering it to Lance.

Without a second thought, Lance graced his fingers over Shiro’s palm and let his Black Paladin guide him up and with a chuckle start leading him away to the gardens.


Quickly Shiro led them away, guiding Lance with a light touch to his back away from the gleaming lanterns and lit trails off around to the hidden paths filtering deeper into the gardens.

Lance complied easily enough. Something about the day—it was lovely. And he wanted nothing to do with the games any longer.

“I have something for you,” Shiro had slid behind Lance again. He was smirking this time as his hands on Lance’s hips guided him on which way to go.

“Oh?” Lance inquired. He tipped his head to demurely look over his shoulder this time. “Another gift?”

Shiro smiled. “I’ve never given you a gift before.”

Lance shook his head. “No, you have.”

Shiro raised his brow. “I’m not sure that flower counts.”

“I like it rather a lot though,” Lance hummed.

Shiro’s chuckle was deep and throaty as he tugged Lance back, directing him to a narrow path through the hedges. “It’s this way.”

Lance gave Shiro one of his signature looks, tipping his head just so as he stepped away from him and through the tall hedges.

Shiro didn’t let him go easily and in fact hugged him closer first, nuzzling into his neck.

Lance giggled but managed to slip from his fingers as he danced away. “You know,” He started as he put a few steps between them, “I have no idea what you really think would be new to me in these gardens.”

Shiro’s smile only widened.

With a look away, Lance fluttered ahead.

Like a game of cat and mouse, Shiro stepped after him. As Lance turned down one way, Shiro gently reached out a hand at his waist to pull him back and through to the correct direction. Quickly Lance would step away though, a teasing look as he stayed just out of Shiro’s reach.

But with a confident air Shiro just trailed after him. His deep stormy eyes followed Lance.

It wasn’t till they were near the center of the gardens that Shiro’s hands shot out, capturing Lance.

A blush stained Lance’s cheeks though he swayed in Shiro’s hold as he was embraced close.

“This way,” Shiro breathed into Lance’s ear as he stepped around the hedges and pulled Lance with him. “Your father actually informed me this little spectacle was here.” Shiro’s voice rumbled through Lance.

With a hum, Lance was already melting back into his mate. “That doesn’t surprise me.”

Shiro was smiling again. “I hear your mother was quite the wonder.”

Lance always lit up at the mention of her. “I wish I knew.” He nuzzled in at Shiro’s neck. “I always have this image in my head of her, like a shooting star. So brilliant, and bright, a truly once in a lifetime event, and yet over so quickly, she burned out before I ever got a glimpse.” Lance smiled himself. “I think my father views her similarly. The star he gave every thing to try and catch.”

The deep rumble of Shiro’s hum, sent Lance’s eyes rolling back. It was so deep it resounded through Lance’s bones. He loved it.

“If he adored her even an ounce as much as I adore you, I can understand why.” Shiro hummed as he pulled them a few more steps deeper into the gardens.

Lance was blushing again. His hand raised to run over Shiro’s head, his fingers threading through his hair. “You are quite full of flattery tonight.”

Shiro connected their gaze for a moment then. But he only leaned forward to press a kiss to Lance’s head.

He was turning though, his arm shifting Lance, deliberately keeping him from seeing behind himself.

“We’re here.” He urged though his eyes cast behind Lance before flicking to lock gazes with him for just a brief moment.

Lance hummed and tried to turn slowly—but

He blinked.

It was lunar lilies.

Shiro had brought him to a sparkling white lunar Lilly fountain. And around them—in the grass were moon orchids.

Lance was smiling so effortlessly as he slipped from Shiro’s hands. There was a gasp to his lips already as the lilies opened, the crisp white-blue light emitted from each as they looked up to Varr alight over head. They filled the fountain so thickly, all crowded in. Lance could barely see glimpse of stars reflected in the fountain’s water.

It was like having a galaxy—contained into such a small space.

“I’ve been here,” Lance whispered.

He pivoted to Shiro who was smiling as he stepped forward casually.

“This fountain is so—during the day, it’s nothing like this. I thought it was just filled with greenery.” Lance shook his head, turning back to continue marveling.

The light given off was so bright it illuminated the entire clearing, casting around at the flowers around and the refracting from the surrounding hedges.

“Every thing just needs the right conditions to shine,” Shiro’s voice had taken on a smooth quality.

His eyes were before him as he easily strolled out around the circular fountain. His hands were clasped behind him as he himself took in the spectacle.

With not quite as much regal nature, Lance started his way round the other side of the fountain. He couldn’t stop the smile on his face as he looked to the luminescent flowers all open before him.

But as their paths seemed destined to, as Lance rounded the fountain, his gait an easy stroll, he could peak Shiro again. The man had stopped, standing at the fountain’s edge, though this time his eyes followed Lance.

As if it were natural, Lance stopped a step or two away and extended his hand.

There was another crook of a smile before Shiro lifted his own hand and in the twist of fingers their hands interlocked and entangled, arms both stretched out the distance between them.

Lance tipped his head before he cast his eyes back out to the white and silver fillies.

There was a deep hum from Shiro then, it wasn’t intrusive so much as —appreciative, before his own gaze turned to the fountain.

“Yes,” Lance didn’t even realize the word had come from him till he was looking up.

Shiro perked up as well, his hand shifted into an easier grasp of Lance’s hand.

Opening his mouth, Lance tried to explain. “I—“ He just shook his head. “Yes.” he repeated again.

Shiro’s head tipped as he took a cautious step closer. “Lance?”

“I want you.” Lance finally managed to bring the confession to his lips. “I—“

This man—he’d dashed Lance’s world to pieces. And lit Lance’s insides so beautifully.

Shiro hadn’t said anything, still venturing closer, his head was still tipped towards Lance.

It was subtly that recognition seeped into Shiro. He stood a bit taller, his chin lifted. His eyes were narrow as he drifted closer to Lance. “Lance…” He repeated.

Lance already knew the question Shiro was going to ask though so he jumped him to it. “I’m sure.”

But the stormy gaze on him was still critical as Shiro spread his fingers in Lance’s hand, flexing just slightly in Lance’s hold, as if to make a point. “I don’t—“ he started. “I may not have it in me to hold back—if you change your mind.”

Lance shook his head. “I won’t.”

The last step between then, seemed so long and slow as Shiro faintly reached down, taking Lance’s other hand, clasping both up to his lips.

“I don’t ever want you to regret something.” Shiro spoke in a low, gentle tone before lifting Lance’s knuckles up to his lips, pressing a small kiss.

“I don’t regret this,” Lance whispered. “I don’t regret anything between us.”

That earned him a single laugh and Shiro lifted his hand, untangling it from Lance’s fingers to brush through his soft hair.

“You will.” Shiro said softly. “There will be things you regret with us. If I’m not careful you’ll regret ever even meeting me.”

Lance shook his head. “I don’t know how I could.” He stole forward, closer to Shiro. “You’ve said you won’t hurt me.”

Shiro gave a deeper chuckle at that, though the sound was — sullen and it never touched his eyes. Leaning forward to press a lingering kiss to Lance’s hair, the whisper into Lance’s soft dark hair was barely audible. “I already have.”

Lance chose that moment to keen as he pressed closer, his eyes half-lidded as he gazed up to his paladin. “I don’t believe that.” He breathed. “You won’t hurt me.”

“Such faith is poorly placed,” Shiro turned his head just as he spoke. Looking down, he breathed the words over Lance’s lips.

“You’ve never lied to me,” Lance hummed, his eyes were closed now, his body leaning so far forward, he teetered, his breath coming in gasps. “You’re the only one here that’s never done that.”

“I’m selfish,” Shiro hissed then.

“Only when it comes to me,” Lance corrected, a smile gracing his lips. “Exactly how I prefer it.” He gave a breathy gasped single laugh.

There was a deep chuckle to accompany and this time Shiro’s lips raised in a smile. Lance was so close this time he could feel every note of it tremble through him.

“Yes, I am entirely self serving when it comes to you.”

“Good,” Lance reiterated.

“I’ll never give you back.” Shiro’s voice was gravely, his hand was at Lance’s chin pointing it up to him.

Lance’s eyes were already lidded. He shook his head. “I don’t want to go back.” he said. “I just want to move forward with you.”


It was the only warning Lance received before both of Shiro's strong hands were on Lance, pulling him, forcing him to fall into Shiro.

The fall was utter bliss though, and Shiro caught him effortlessly, his hands framing Lance’s face, fingers smoothly sliding under Lance’s jaw line and caressing over the bond mark.

It sent a gasping tremble through Lance just as their lips collided and Shiro gave a deep growl of satisfaction.

And Lance—his entire world zeroed in on the man he held, on the moment he was caught in. The soft glow around him and the hungry way his mate kissed him made Lance keen. Lance’s own arms surged up and he was clambering his way to petting his hands across Shiro’s face.

Their smearing lips parted just enough for Lance to give a whining, “Yes.”

Shiro hummed as he stepped Lance back, surging forward again to have Lance gasping and swept up in his arms.

There was nothing left for Lance to do beyond—let Shiro have him, let him have everything.


When Shiro laid Lance back amongst the tall grass and gleaming moon orchids, Lance was surprised at how soft it was. It still had the texture of grass but it wasn’t the unyielding hard ground Lance had expected.

Shiro knelt over Lance, his hands slowly undressing Lance, one button at a time. He lavished every revealed inch of Lance’s skin.

Resting his head back, Lance let out a contented sigh, his hands coming up to possessively curl around Shiro’s head. Shiro gave a rumbling hum of acknowledgement but he didn’t stop licking along Lance’s collar bone.

“You’re spoiling me,” Lance murmured contentedly but his back arched, seeking Shiro’s warm touch even more.

Shiro hummed an answer, shifting up on his knees, his mouth forging a hot trail up the column of Lance’s neck and around, ending in a hot panted breath over Lance’s ear, making him shiver before Shiro closed in on Lance’s ear lobe, tugging at it just enough to make Lance whine.

When Shiro finally decided to let his warm breath flow into words, he was squarely over Lance, “You’re a prince, the acolytes insist you have the blood of gods running through your veins—and I haven’t been afforded a proper opportunity to worship you yet.”

Lance hummed as he lulled his head back, looking up into Shiro’s gaze.

“I’m offering you anything,” Lance reminded. “I’ll do what ever you like this time.”

That made Shiro smile. “Yes, I know.”

“So why are you wasting the opportunity?” Lance chuckled.

Shiro had shifted his gaze, his eyes pouring over Lance, the same way his breath had been a few moments before, hot and hungry.

“After tonight, there is a lot of things I’ll take from you,” Shiro murmured. He moved his mouth against Lance’s skin as he talked, speaking the words so close to him, Lance felt like every single one was being inscribed on him. “So—this time, right now. I wanna lay in revelry of the demigod offering himself to me.”

The red that rose to Lances’s cheeks was accompanied with a sharp intake. “Shiro..” He whined, not sure what else to say.

Shiro was already adjusting his hands, slowly unbuttoning Lance’s shirt again. “You’re absolutely ethereal.” he smoothed a long, lingering lick up over Lance’s bond mark.

“Ohhhhh,” Lance involuntarily let out, his eyes flicking closed and his mouth drooping open. His bottom lip trembled through the cry and his hands instinctively clawed at Shiro.

“I will give you entire galaxies one day.” Shiro’s hot breath seared the words across Lance’s skin.

“I will forge you solar systems.”

Lance hummed, his hands clutching as Shiro’s every word spoken over the bond mark sent tremors through him.

“I will give you an empire ready to worship you.”

His limbs felt restless and Lance’s legs started to curl up, wrapping around Shiro’s hips. He desperately wanted to be closer to his Black Paladin.

“But in the process, I’ll may take everything from you,”

“Yessss,” Lance shook his head. “It’s yours, please Shiro. I’m yours.”

“I know,” Shiro nodded.

Lance turned his head, meeting Shiro nose to nose this time. “Then why are you waiting?” Lance knew there was an edge of desperation in his voice but he couldn’t hold it back.

Shiro’s head tipped, bringing his lips just over Lance’s. He closed the minuscule distance for a soft precious moment before this time his words came out in a hushed tone. “You were forced to hand yourself over to me,” Shiro’s head shook just slightly. “I never wanted that.” He kissed Lance again ever so quietly. “I wasn’t going to whittle away at some captive of mine.”

Lance shook his own head. “That’s not—“

Shiro silenced him with a kiss. “I know.” he broke. “It’s a gift this time, not a tribute.”

Unsure of what to say, Lance just nodded. “Yes.”

It was his Galra hand that slid over Lance’s clothed groin.

Eyes flicked closed, Lance let out a slow breath, one sucked in by Shiro as he still hovered over Lance.

“I love the way you look in this moon light.” Shiro’s dripping sincerity always caught Lance off guard.

His metal hand moved over Lance, drawing a catch of breath from him. His hands went to Shiro’s arms, clutching at them.

“Hhhmmmm,” Lance hummed, trying to calm down.

Shiro slid down to the elbow of his supporting arm and thrust his hand up, fingers splayed over the bond mark.

Lance swallowed and his fingers curled in Shiro’s shirt sleeves. Why weren’t they naked yet? Why was there only small peaks of Lance’s chest from his open shirt? Lance wanted Shiro’s skin on his own. He wanted to feel the cool warmth of the moon orchids and lunar lilies around them. He wanted to see how the luminescent flowers refracted off of Shiro’s skin.

Working to remedy that, Lance surged up, connecting their lips for just a moment before he broke, his hands clawing his own shirt up and off, tossing it to the grass. When he lay back—

Shiro’s own breath had caught for once, his eyes roving over Lance.

In the moonlight, Lance—glowed. The bright blue markings across his shoulders and farther down lit up under the clear night sky.

Lance more tentatively lay back. The Galra hand framing his—Lance blushed. Before Lance could further process Shiro took his hand away, moving it up.

“I’ve never taken the time to notice these,” cool, metal fingers skimmed over the edges of Lance’s pelvic bone and down, tracing along the edges of Lance’s hip markings.

“They—“ Lance blushed. “They’re lighter than the others.”

“Both extend farther down?” Shiro inquired.

Lance nodded.

That’s what prompted Shiro to his knees, sitting up, his hands both went to Lance’s trousers. First framing Lance’s hips as if to size them up, Shiro’s touch lingered on his skin before finally he dug his fingers around the waist band. There was a swift yank, sending Lance’s shoulders falling back to the grass, but effectively pulling Lances trouser’s down past his hips. A few more tugs and Shiro had Lance completely nude and laid out before him.

“They are lovely indeed.” His voice rumbled in one of the most pleasant ways Lance had ever heard.

The markings were slender in line work and radiated from the peaks of both his hips.

“There’s another,” Lance shyly pressed.

Shiro perked up in interest.

“I mean you’ve probably already seen it, but—“ Lance blushed. “It’s on my back.”

“I think I’d like to refresh my memory.” Shiro purred.

Lance nodded and with the guiding hold of one cool smooth hand and another blazing hot, Lance turned, presenting Shiro with his back.

At the middle of his back and extending down, in a delicate line was a slender but long marking, leading down the line of Lance’s spine, stopping a couple inches before his tail bone. Like the others, in the moonlight it was a lit, luminous bright blue.

“The acolytes said it’s an anomaly.” Lance murmured. “No one else in my family has a marking along their spine like that.”

Shiro hummed, his hand was already smoothing over Lance’s skin, skimming up the side of his slender waist.

“I know it’s not traditional,” Lance mumbled. “It doesn’t have a pair, like on my stomach or anything—”

“It’s breathtaking,” Shiro stopped Lance, leaning over him, his hand’s holding Lance to the grass as Shiro bowed over him.

The words were spoken into Lance’s neck, against his mark again.

Lance felt like he could barely gasp for air as Shiro hunched over him, he tipped his head to kiss just at the tippy top of Lance’s spine.

His next kiss touched down at the tip of the mark, but this time Shiro opened his mouth, dragging his lavish praise down the mark and in through the curve of Lance’s spine.

Simultaneously Shiro’s hands framed Lance’s hips and slowly his thumbs started to rub circles in over—

“Oh—ohhh!” Lance gasped.

His toes curled and uncurled squirming across the grass under his mate.

There was warmth first and Lance’s eyes flicked closed. By this point he knew what the buzz through his lower spine meant. He worried at his lip.

Shiro didn’t stop or even slow though, he shifted on his knees, accommodating Lance to spread out before him as Shiro hunched over him, his mouth trailing lower.

“Shiro.” Lance whined.

There was a hot puff of breath Lance knew signified a smile.

“Good boy.” Shiro murmured low.

Lance’s limbs oozed across the grass from the praise. His splayed out, eyes droopy and breath coming in panted waves.

Shiro returned his mouth to Lance’s spine, nearing over the bump of his coccyx.

His hands moved down, giving one last toe curl inducing pressed swipe up over the glands at Lance’s hips.

“Nuhh,” the shivered whine Lance gave seemed to stop Shiro for a moment.

“I love the sounds you make.” Shiro spoke casually.

Lance huffed a laugh. “Is that why you keep—uhhh,”

Shiro’s hands framed over Lance’s ass and swiftly had him up on his knees and presenting. They didn’t just spread him though—a cool metal thumb had slipped in at his entrance, sliding in swift and fast.

“What was that?” Shiro asked.

His feigned ignorance made Lance huff out a laugh. His arms were still thrown out over the grass, his hands fisting tufts of it.

“You’re the worst.” Lance managed.

It was a happy hum that Shiro gave.

But in the next second he was descending again and Lance—

Lance fucking froze. his eyes wide and his lips trembled as Shiro—

His lips were soft and gentle as they moved down slowly, maybe trying to give Lance plenty of time to process and mentally be ready for what was about to happen.

The slick leaking out over Shiro’s metallic hand made a wet sound as Shiro pulled his hand away and pushed his hands farther apart ,spreading Lance more, enough that as Shiro’s lips mouthed down lower…

It was a lick at first.

“Uhh,” Lance squeaked past the bottom lip firmly between his teeth.

It felt—foreign. Lance couldn’t quite say good at that point it was too—new and different. His body strung with tension and from the way Shiro’s hands shifted it wasn’t a fact lost on him by any means.

“If you need me to stop,” Shiro’s voice was his usual level of controlled and collected. “just let me know, Lance.”

Lance nodded. He was mostly aggravated that he was a fucking mess and the man over him was still the perfect dictionary definition of control.

“Keep going,” Lance managed.

“You don’t seem to be enjoying it,” Shiro commented, his voice still level.

Lance pushed out a slow breath. The breathy chuckle he gave was a bit more unintentional. “I’m unsure about it, if I’m honest.”

Shiro nodded and pressed forward to press a kiss to Lance’s tail bone. “It’ll feel good, I promise.”

“That’s what I’m counting on,” Lance sputtered with another nervous laugh.

“You can tell me to stop.” Shiro reassured.

He dipped in again, though licking longer and wet—his mouth made a clicking sound as his tongue moved over Lance. It slide through the slick already coming from Lance and over fiercely sensitive skin.

Lance panted harder. It was still—he was so unsure.

“Asking you to stop I would say would directly contradict—“

Shiro licked again, this time his tongue probing and pushing.

“Mmnmmm,” Lance bit his bottom lip again. “What’s it supposed to feel like?”

There was a warm huff over his wet entrance. “good.”

Another lick, still pushing and wet.